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Our focus and commitment to helping our communities improve lead us to render comprehensive and beneficial services.

people putting their hands in the centerAs a nonprofit organization, Anew Inspired Change Organization aims to provide a comprehensive range of services totally focused on meeting the needs of poverty-stricken individuals and families, especially those who are homeless, the youth, and those with developmental disabilities. Our services also focus on helping the communities improve for the better.

It is our commitment to assist and develop a variety of ways, resulting in better lifestyles for individuals and families we serve and meeting their needs and desires. Our team is proud to:

  • Support policy development through advocacy at the state level.
  • Develop a Job Readiness Program not only to assist individuals with obtaining employment but also maintaining such employment through follow-on support and services.
  • Provide support services and programs for treatment, residential, and protective housing facilities by exposing clients to experiences with positive impact on their lives.
  • Provide those with disabilities and reentry needs with a housing to help individuals become healthier, families stronger, and communities safer.

We welcome every opportunity for you to assist us in our endeavor. Donate or volunteer today. For more inquiries, you can also talk to us at 301-971-2639 or email as at peverett@aichange.org / info@anewinspiredchange.org.