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Meet the team behind Anew Inspired Change Organization.

Jennifer Brown – Founder and Executive Director

JENNIFER BROWNThe concept for Anew Inspired Change Organization was brought about by an accident that left Jennifer’s father physically and mentally disabled. After watching her father being served by multiple facilities within Maryland, she decided to opt for in-home residential treatment.

With this experience, Jennifer started to investigate and acquire the professional skills necessary to provide residential services to the mentally challenged and developmentally disabled individuals in the community. Thus, Anew Inspired Change Organization has been established.

Jennifer has over 11 years of personal experience in providing services directly related to the human condition and the needs of other individuals. As a mentor to young women, she organizes events, manages related budgets, sets goals, teaches life skills, and provides informal counseling services. She has also served as a mentor to homeless women and those recently released from jail in coordination with many nonprofit organizations.

She has served as President of Jenn Kans, a solid waste management business, for several years. As president, Jennifer had the responsibility of managing its daily business operations, practicing professional decision-making, and providing knowledge in all practical areas of the operations. Through her excellent skills in human resources and fiscal management, positive outcomes and relationships between her staff and the community have been developed.

Porshia Everett – Program Director

PORSHIA EVERETTJoining the organization in 2014, Porshia currently provides Programmatic leadership and takes part in every business aspect of the operations. She also participates in strategic planning and improvement initiatives.

Porshia completed her Master’s degree at the Strayer University of District of Columbia. After getting the degree, she became a US diplomat to Lima, Peru for 4 years.

She has always been a firm believer of God and helping His people. Whatever trials that have passed her in the past, she overcame them with faith.

For the past 6 years, she has been working as a consultant and volunteer providing a variety of services. Her expertise focuses on working with homeless individuals and those who need assistance with reentry services.

Lisa Bailey – President of the Board of Directors

LISA GOODEJoining in 2014, Lisa provides leadership and takes part in various aspects of business operations. She has over 10 years of experience as a realtor and has recently became a Property Manager in the real estate industry.

In 2011, Lisa founded Bailey Property Services LLC, a full-service property management company providing a wide array of services to residential and commercial properties. She also works as a consultant providing administrative services to a number of small businesses.

Jasmine Brown

JASMINE BROWNA full-time mom, college student, and employee, Jasmine loves working with homeless individuals and the youth. With several years of experience in serving developmentally disabled individuals and a passion for helping others, she independently implemented the organization’s Homeless not Hopeless Campaign. She also does mentoring programs in public schools as well as conduct street ministries with the youth.

For more inquiries, you can also talk to us at 301-971-2639 or email as at peverett@aichange.org / info@anewinspiredchange.org.