Anew Inspired Change Organization is a nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive, residential, mentoring, job readiness, job placement and referral services to those in the community desiring Anew, Inspired Change while exposing them to resources with a high level of dignity and respect to fully engage and interject Anew energy, destined to improve our communities.







• Supporting policy development through advocacy at the state level


• Development of Job Readiness Program to not only assist with obtaining employment but also maintaining employment through follow on services and support.


• Providing support services and programs to residential, treatment and protective housing facilities by exposing their clients to experiences that will have a positive effect on their life.


• Providing housing for those with disabilities and reentry needs to help build healthier individuals, stronger families and safer communities.



Vision, Mission and Values


Vision Statement


Anew Inspired Change Organizations envisions and wants to be an organization that not only assist people with hardships but foster and environment where they thrive in their lives, families and their communities.


Mission Statement


We are committed to enhancing our communities by providing comprehensive residential, mentoring, job readiness, job placement and referral services to those in the community desiring Anew, Inspired Change while exposing them to resources with a high level of dignity and respect to fully engage and interject Anew Inspired positive energy into individuals, families and communities through:


The Adult and Youth Mentoring Programs


• Workshops and Events that Inspire, Expose all who attend to Improved Self Esteem, Anew Awareness and Education of Important Issues

• The development of a Comprehensive Job Readiness Program that provides Skills,

 Training, Support and Resources that promotes employment retention and

• Host Events and Activities that bring programs and clients together in an effort to align resources, programs and inspire Change in our Community.


Statement of Values


In our commitment to Inspiring, Exposing and being the Change we want to see in the World Today, we are guided by these core values:


• All of people, regardless of community, socioeconomic or family status and behavioral health, should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

• We will approach our work, our colleagues and the people we serve with dignity, compassion, integrity, cultural competence, equity and an understanding of the challenges people face.

• We must work to ensure that the service provided is of the highest quality, comprehensive and person-centered.

• We must collaborate with community leaders, other service providers and residents to advocate for and promote policies, values and norms that are supportive of improving Our communities.




Executive Director Jennifer Brown is the founder of Anew Inspired Change, a family owned business. The concept for this business was originally established by the family as a result of an accident which left her father physically and mentally disabled. After watching her father be served by several facilities in Maryland and the District of Columbia, a decision was made to provide in­ home residential treatment. Thus, Ms. Brown started her journey investigating and learning what was needed, professionally, to provide residential services to developmentally disabled and mentally challenged individuals in the greater community. Because of Ms. Brown and her family's commitment and love for God's people, the family decided to found Anew Inspired Change, Organization and the assisted living program.

With more than 11 years of personal experience, providing services directly related to the human condition and needs of others, Ms. Brown has been able to hone her skills. She serves as a mentor to young women in a supportive group atmosphere, organizing events, managing related budgets, setting goals, teaching life skills and providing informal counseling services. She has also been a mentor with many non profit organizations for several years providing services to homeless women and those recently released from jail.

For several years, Ms. Brown has served as the President of Jenn Kans, a solid waste management business. In this capacity, she has been responsible for managing the day-to-day business operation of Jenn-Kans, Inc., providing widespread knowledge of all practical areas of the business and corporate operations, practicing professional decision making, preparing formats various contract bid proposals for future work. Her excellent skills in human resources and fiscal management have resulted in development of positive outcomes and relationships for her staff and the community.

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Porshia Everett serves as the Program Director for Anew Inspired Change Organization.   She joined in 2014 and provides Programmatic leadership, participates in strategic planning and improvement initiatives and takes part in a variety of business aspect in the organization.


Porshia completed her Master’s degree at the Strayer University of District of Columbia. After she completed her degree she went on to become a US Diplomat serving in Lima Peru for 4 years. That doesn’t go without saying that there hasn’t been some trials throughout her life.  However, she has always been an overcomer and always had a heart for God’s people. For the past 6 years she has been working as a consultant and volunteer providing accounting services, business development and grant writing services to several for profit and non-profit organizations.  Her area of ministry is working with the homeless and those needing assistance with reentry services.


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Lisa Goode  serves as the President of the Board of Director’s for Anew Inspired Change Organization.   She joined in 2014 and provides leadership, fundraising support and participates in strategic planning and improvement initiatives and takes part in a variety of business aspect in the organization..


Lisa has over 10 years in the real estate industry as a Realtor and recently as a Property Manager. In 2011, Lisa founded Bailey Property Services, LLC, a full service property management company that provides services of all kinds to residential and commercial properties. Additionally, she works as a consultant providing administrative services to several small businesses.

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She is  a full time mother, college student and employee that loves working in the field with the youth and the homeless. She independently implemented Anew's Homeless not Hopeless Campaign. She has several years of experience working developmentally disabled. Jasmine has a passion for helping others and a lot of energy that enables her to do mentoring programs in public schools and conduct street ministries with Anew's youth mentees! Welcome Jasmine to the Anew Team!!!







Current Events & Activities



Anew Inspired Change Organization supports individuals, families and communities in building healthier lives, stronger families and safer communities. These events are just a few of the many we have had the pleasure of providing for individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by the substance abuse, homelessness, physical abuse, incarceration, disabilities and unemployment.


Click The Events Below to Get More Information


  Christmas 2017



  Thanksgiving 2017



Father's Day 2017 He Stands Anew




Previous Events & Activities

If you would like to view video footage on our past events click the event below.


Mother's Day 2017 She Rocks Anew!  She's a Survivor


2016 Holiday Party


Socks for the Soul


Mother’s Day 2016 – She Rocks Anew!


Father's Day Program -Suited to Succeed 2016


Fother's Day Program - Suited to Succeed, 2015


Mother’s Day 2015 – She Rocks Anew!


1. Prince George’s County

2. Baltimore City

Christmas 2015


Mother’s Day 2014


Christmas 2014


Back to School Swim Party for Homeless Children in Conjunction

with A Step Forward, Inc. 2014

Donation Information



If you have had the opportunity to encounter us in the community, attend one of our events or even taken the time to view our website you know we are fertile soil.


Now you are asking yourself "What can I do to provide support?"

Anew Inspired Change seeks your support in a variety of different ways:


1. Looking for energetic, focused and willing Board Members.


2. Always seeking volunteers to assist in making our vision a reality.  No matter what area your talents, skills and passion encompass, we are sure we can utilize your assistance,


3. Last but not least, financial assistance to continue this much needed work. Please search your heart and send your tax-exempt donation today!


Anew Thanks you for your donation - Whatever the size! We Thank You for Your Support, Your prayers and for Your generosity.


You can make your donation by Paypal by clicking the button below or simply mail your contribution to 1400 Mercantile Lane Upper Marlboro MD 20774.


Drop us a line



Anew Inspired Change Organization, Inc.


Contact us:        301.971.ANEW 2639

E-Mail:                 peverett@anewinspiredchange.org

Our Location:    1400 Mercantile Lane Suite 246

                             Upper Malboro, Maryland 20744


Our Website:      www.anewinspiredchange.org




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